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Car Hire at Athlone, Ireland – Cheap Deals

How to compare prices for finding a cheap car rental deal at Athlone, Ireland, and all the information you need to know about car hire at Athlone, including important tips and information about driving in the area around Athlone.

In order to find a cheap car rental at Athlone, Ireland, You can use the price comparison engine below. This is extremely easy. To compare the prices of rental cars at Athlone you should type in the country that you’re visiting i.e Ireland followed by the city i.e Athlone, and finally the pickup area. If your drop-off destination is not the same as the pickup destination, you can check the “drop-off car at different location” checkbox and enter the drop-off destination in the search field.

Following this, you should choose the pickup and the drop-off date along with the time of the delivery. Check the driver age box or enter the age of the driver if it is below 30 or above 65 and then click on search. This will show you all the available car rentals at Athlone (from reliable rental companies) along with all the necessary information so that you can choose a good car hire at Athlone, Ireland

This guide for car hire in Ireland has been carefully crafted in order to help you find the best car rental at Athlone. Whether you’re here for business or pleasure, we will help you hire a car at Athlone for the best price. 

The engine is connected to all the major companies that supply car rentals at Athlone, Ireland. It enables the customer to look at all the deals available along with models for car hire in Athlone, Ireland. This will help you to save up to 30% in rental costs by finding cheap car rentals at Athlone in a few clicks without compromising quality! 

You can also use the search tool on their website here. Another option is to use other price comparisons tools, such as Discover Cars or Qeeq.

Car rental at Athlone for a day

The cheapest car hire at Athlone for one day we found was the Ford Fiesta at $80 a day. Europcar is renting the car rental at Athlone, Ireland

Car rental at Athlone for a week

The cheapest car hire for a week at Athlone we found was the Ford Fiesta at $251. Europcar is renting the car rental at Athlone, Ireland

Car rental at Athlone for 2 weeks

The cheapest car hire for 2 weeks at Athlone we found was the Ford Fiesta again at $1,454.  Europcar is renting the car rental at Athlone, Ireland

Car rental at Athlone for a month

The cheapest car rental for a month at Athlone we found was the Ford Fiesta at $2,658. The car rental at Athlone, Ireland is being rented by Europcar Agency.

Types of rental cars at Athlone, Ireland

There are plenty of car rental companies that offer car hire at Athlone for affordable prices while also maintaining a large selection of vehicles. These rental cars can all be categorized as follows

Cheap car rental at Athlone (4 Seater)

These cars for hire at Athlone are appropriate if you have only a few people (4 or fewer) traveling with you or if you’re traveling alone. This is certainly the best option to pick if you’re low on cash or just don’t care about the vehicle and only need a cheap car rental at Athlone that takes you from point A to point B. 

Cheap 4 seater cars at Athlone

  1. Ford Fiesta ($80 for a day)
  2. Nissan Micra ($120 for a day)

Cheap sedan rental at Athlone

If you’re looking for something for more spacious cars then going for a Sedan is a great option. You can find some very cheap Sedan rentals at Athlone!

Cheap Sedans for Hire at Athlone

  1. Ford Focus ($88 for a day)
  2. Toyota Avensis ($105 for a day)

Cheap SUV rental at Athlone

SUV are great on bumpy roads and for larger groups of people to travel in comfort. You can find some great cheap SUV rentals at Athlone. 

Cheap SUV hire at Athlone

  1. Hyundai Tucson ($108 for a day)

Cheap luxury car rental at Athlone

Luxury car rental at Athlone is also an option. These luxury cars are priced higher but offer more comfort and style for those who want them. These include things like better interiors, exteriors, safety, etc.

Cheap luxury car for hire at Athlone

  1. BMW 5 Series ($3,149 for a day)

 Cheap Minivan rental at Athlone

If you’re looking to travel with a lot luggage or people then there’s nothing better than a minivan! There is one great cheap minivan for hire at Athlone!

Cheap Minivans for hire at Athlone

  • Opel Zafira ($3,838 for a day)

Picking up Rental car at Athlone

Car for hire company at Athlone

All of the cars shown in this article are from the Europcar agency which is one of the largest car hire companies at Athlone. Their details are given below,


quinn motorstore,

athlone business park, dublin road,

n37kv24 athlone


Opening hours


09:00 – 13:00




09:00 – 17:30


09:00 – 17:30


09:00 – 17:30


09:00 – 17:30


09:00 – 17:30

Driver & license requirements

When you hire a car at Athlone, you’ll need:

  • Passport or national ID card
  • Driving license
  • Credit card

Security Deposit

At pick-up, the main driver will leave a refundable security deposit of €3,500.00 on their credit card. Cash and debit cards are not accepted. The counter staff will confirm how much this will be.

GPS Navigation

Most rental cars at Athlone come with a GPS navigation system built into the dash. The systems in some vehicles can be set to display the map and menus and to read directions in English.

Gas Station

Gas Stations are found all over Ireland and are usually fully serviced; however, self-service gas stations have been increasing recently.

Petrol Cost: $1.89/ltr

Diesel:  $1.886/ltr

Parking at Athlone, Ireland

Generally, parking is either free or paid at Athlone. The prices for parking at Athlone range from $1.5 to $4.5 for 0-3 hours and depennds on the locality. 

The Rules Of The Road in Ireland 

Keep in mind these driving rules in Ireland.

  • Cars on the island of Ireland drive on the left-hand side of the road.
  • Signposts in Gaeltacht (Irish speaking) areas are written in Irish (Gaelic).
  • You need a valid national driving license or an international driving permit.
  • Northern Ireland uses miles per hour, while the Republic of Ireland uses kilometers.
  • Everyone in your vehicle MUST wear seat belts at all times.

Here’s a great video with a few more tips on driving in Ireland

Tourist spots to visit near Athlone, Ireland

1. Athlone Castle

John de Gray, the Bishop of Norwich, built Athlone Castle during the Norman Invasion of Ireland under King John at the start of the 13th century.

It was reinforced several times down the years, most recently during the Napoleonic Wars when the towers were shortened to make them more resilient to cannon fire.

The most recent restoration was just a few years ago and in 2012 a modern exhibition was unveiled at the castle, with multimedia stations and 3D maps recording five millennia of history in Athlone.

The best bit is a 360° cinematic depiction of the Siege of Athlone during the Williamite War in 1690.

2. Lough Ree

With beautiful shores and tons of islands, large and small, misty Lough Ree to the north is the second largest lake on the Shannon.

The scenery is peaceful and calm, under the wide open sky and on the shores that offer a habitat to migratory waterfowl, varying from woodland, to bogs and meadows for grazing sheep.

Lough Ree is also burned into Ireland’s memory as the “Lake of Kings”, where real history and legends are entwined.

There’s endless scope for activities at Lough Ree, whether you’re golfing, birdwatching, hiking by the shore, or on a voyage by cruise boat, kayak, yacht, or boat rental.

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